We supply Fire retardants for: • The mining industry • New property developments, shopping centes, sky scrapers • Thatched roof lodges, hotels, houses and lapas • Hotel / exhibition drapery and curtains • Veld fires
Welcome to Fire Shield - Fire is a major risk in thatch homes. A fire can burn a thatch house or lapa down to the ground in less than 10 minutes. If your thatch roof is within 4,5m from the boundary wall or within 9m from any other building, you are required by law to apply a fire retardant. Also, any enclosed thatch building must be fire protected. Most insurance companies insist on Fire Protection and some will give discounted premium rates once treated."A spread of flame test was conducted on a sample of Thatch Marshal 8000 fire retardant chemical to the requirements of section 8 of standard ASTM E108- "Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests on thatch Roof Coverings" We scored an ‘A’ rating.